COVID-19 Protcol

Glory House will stay in line with CDC guidance. All Glory House employees will still be required to wear a mask at our facility and when making deliveries. All Bistro customers will be required to wear a mask upon entering the Bistro and must continue to practice social distancing.  Our focus remains on protecting your safety and well-being along with our own.
We will continue to adhere to the following:
  • Wear a mask
  • Distance from others
  • Practice hand hygiene
  • Common sense safety
Glory House is vigilant with the safety of our guests!
-We sanitize every table and chair after each guest leaves.
-We sanitize the door handles on front door after each guest enters and leaves.
-We wrap each plate of food when transported to the table.
-All condiments, silverware, etc. are kept in a sanitized location and brought to the table upon request.
-We offer curbside pickup for take out.
-Our servers wear masks, face shields and gloves.
-We bring drinks to the table, covered with lid. All re-fills are a fresh cup with lid.
-Bathrooms are cleaned after each guest enters and leaves.
-We sanitize our dining room after each service.
-We take all safety measures necessary for delivery catering